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Computer Vision, Speech Communication & Signal Processing Group

The Computer Vision, Speech Communication & Signal Processing Group was established in 1999 by Prof. Petros Maragos at the National Technical University of Athens. Its goals are to advance and sustain basic research in both theoretical and application problems whose fundamentals lie in the intersection of various fields of engineering and applied sciences such as signal processing, systems theory, informatics and communications, and whose applications span the fields of artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, biomedicine, digital arts, cultural heritage, robotics, intelligent networks, and environment. The group’s collective research areas of interest are: Computer Vision and Image Processing Computer Sound Processing and Speech Communication Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Multimodal Information Processing and Fusion General Signal Processing and Nonlinear Systems Analysis Applications in artificial intelligence, biomedicine, multimedia, human-computer/robot interaction, virtual reality, digital arts, cultural heritage, intelligent computer/communication networks, satellite remote sensing, environment, and econometrics.