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Eye-Tracking Movie Database (ETMD)

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We have developed a new eye-tracking movie database comprising video clips from the COGNIMUSE database which we have enriched with eye-tracking human annotation (ETMDatabase). Specifically, we cut 2 short video clips (about 3-3.5 minutes) from six out of the seven movies (CHI, CRA, DEP, FNE, GLA and LOR). We have tried to include scenes with high motion and action as well as dialogues. These clips were annotated with eye-tracking data by 10 different people. The volunteers viewed the videos both in grayscale and in color, while an eye-tracking system recorded their eyes fixations on the screen.

For the annotation we used the commercial Eye Tracking System TM3 provided by EyeTechDS. This device uses a camera with infrared light and provides a real time continuous gaze estimation, defined as fixation points on the screen. The tracker's rate has been limited by the video frame rate in order to have one fixation point pair per frame. For the problem of visual attention a weighted average between two eye fixations is provided, which is defined either by the mean, if both eyes are found by the eye-tracker, or only by the detected eye's fixation. If neither eye is detected or the fixations lie out of screen boundaries, fixation gets a zero value. The eye-tracking system also provides some additional measurements, such as pupil and glints positions and pupil diameter. In the top Figure we can see examples of the fixation points at frame #500 for each of the 12 movie clips.

In the following Figure we present heatmaps of all fixations over each movie clip for the ETMD database. Note that the most points are clustered at the center of the image which shows that movie clips are highly center-biased.




For more information or details regarding the database contact:

Petros Koutras

PhD Student / Graduate Research Assistant
Computer Vision, Speech Communication & Signal Processing Group (CVSP)
Intelligent Robotics & Automation Lab (IRAL)
National Technical University of Athens